Frequently asked questions

Order anytime during the week before Sunday at 7pm, for Tuesday delivery and pick-up. Delivery is between 2 and 6pm on Tuesdays, the exact time will depend on the delivery routes for the week. Pickup is at The Clean Plate Kitchen from 3-6pm on Tuesday, if you are running late, orders will be left in our After Hours Pickup Spot under the covered porch outside the restaurant.

Yes, all orders are placed online. If you need assistance or have a special request or questions, we are here to help. Please email me at

At this time, The Clean Plate Kitchen is closed. We are adapting to the current climate and offering pre-order, freshly prepared meals, ready to heat and eat. These meals are similar to our Clean Plate Kitchen favorites with new dishes too. If you like The Clean Plate Kitchen, we suspect that you will love Feel Good Food at Home.

Pickup is in front of The Clean Plate Kitchen at 49 Main Street, Clinton, NJ 08809 on Tuesday between 3 and 5pm. Please call (908)200-7610 when you arrive in front of the large banner for Feel Good Food at Home and we will bring out your order. If you arrive after 5pm, we will call to let you that your order is in our After Hours Pickup Spot outside the restaurant.

Our meals are created with careful intention to be heated and enjoyed as you would in a restaurant. Rather than taking home soggy takeout containers and reheating, we have created meals with the intention to heat and eat. Our meals last longer, retain more moisture, are higher quality, and taste amazing. Because we use clean, organic ingredients, you can eat Feel Good Food at Home every day and maintain your health goals. Dietitian and chef created meals that we enjoy daily and hope that you will too!

Yes! Every single item in our meals and market is gluten free. We don’t even have wheat flour in our building.

Our items are crafted in most cases to easily accommodate a variety of diets. Nuts and dairy are often in separate containers and optional, so that we can accommodate a wider variety of customers. Allergens are indicated on items and labeled if they are free of common allergens. If you have questions or concerns about any item, preparation or additional allergens or dietary preferences, please feel free to reach out to me at

I am a registered dietitian and chef, I have years of experience specializing in digestive issues and food allergies/sensitivities. We are here to help and accommodate if possible.

We use whole ingredients that are locally and organically sourced as much as possible. We do not use refined sugar – our sweetners are dates, maple syrup, honey, and our kombucha is fermented with organic cane sugar. We do not use any additives and all of our sauces, sides, and other ingredients are made by us from scratch.

Yes! We have 2 a la carte meal packs – they are promotional packages at a discounted rate to try our offerings. And we have meal subscriptions, our no commitment subscriptions are discounted, include delivery, and you can choose the meals that you like. Subscriptions (Meal Plans) can be edited, paused, or modified any time before the ordering cut-off at 11:59pm on Sunday.

The promotional packages (Veggie Lovers and Omnivore’s Delight) are a one time purchase of bulk meals and a meal plan is a weekly recurring subscription. Subscriptions can be paused, canceled or restarted at anytime.